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Wix Certified Partner

I spent years working on WordPress and being its most prominent advocate. With so many plugins and features, the possibilities seemed endless. Once Themeforest was created, the design possibilities seemed effortless. With over ten years of working with WordPress, I was happy, but there was some frustration I'm pretty sure you encountered too.

Every morning I would come into the office and check every website I maintain. From there, I checked for any plugin updates. If you've ever had to update a plugin, you know how stressful this can be. One plugin can cause a conflict, and your entire website can go down. After a while, I got tired of updating plugins and removing malware.

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I got a lead for a new client whose website is on Wix. I immediately told the client to get off Wix and come to WordPress. They agreed, and I started working on a new website with them. In transferring the content, I saw a link for a partner plan with Wix. I looked into their program out of curiosity, and I was blown away by their features. Then I saw Editor X, and I was blown away.

After speaking with one of their reps, I joined the program and decided to transfer the majority of my clients over to Wix. The team was accommodating and guided me through the whole process. After a month of using Wix, I regret not finding it sooner. We are also able to incorporate our marketing services into their platform.

The most prominent feature for me is the CRM platform which makes it easy to follow up on leads and run campaigns based on the type of contact. The Wix Market Place is also a huge benefit in bringing in new leads.

Becoming a Wix partner has been the best decision for us as an agency. My clients are happy, and the billing process is straightforward. I would recommend any advertising agency look into Wix and see if they're a good fit for you.

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